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Brandon Edward Rivera, born on May 27, 1992 in New York City and into a Puerto Rican family, is the youngest of three children. He has an older brother, Elias (middle), and an older sister, Angelique (eldest). Brandon’s parents, Angel and Elba Rivera, were both raised in New York, his father hailing from Manhattan’s Lower East Side and his mother from Brooklyn. Until the age of 6, Brandon lived in Brooklyn, until his parents decided to move the family to the Poconos. This was a major switch for Brandon, who was used to the city environment. But luckily, the Poconos proved to be much less of a difficult transition than originally expected. Many of its inhabitants, Latinos as well, were originally from New York. It was here that Brandon found his love for music. Since a young child, Brandon’s father always hosted house parties, which consisted of the typical and classic Salsa, Merengue and Freestyle/House music. Brandon grew up watching his father mix between songs on his antique Technic turntables. This sparked an interest in Brandon’s creative mind, throwing him into the world of music. Brandon had always listened to the original New York Hip Hop, creating such artists as The Notorious BIG and Mos Def. Due to the influences that these rappers had on Brandon’s musical life, he began to rap with his friends in school, writing in class and presenting them to his peers in the hallways of his school between his classes. It wasn’t until about 2 years later, at the age of 13, that Brandon heard his first dose of Reggaeton. He instantly fell in love with the beat and the flow of the lyrics. Even though he had a new found love for this urban music hailing from Puerto Rico, there was one major obstacle in his way of becoming like these stars, he couldn’t speak Spanish fluently. Brandon found himself in between the world he grew up in and the Latin world that was far away in the Carribbean. He made it his mission to learn Spanish fluently and become ranked in the genre of Reggaeton. Brandon knew that due to his background of both Hip Hop and Reggaeton, he could mix the two to create a new and unique musical fusion, bound to lead a new movement amongst the Latin market. As years passed and due to growing crime in the area, Brandon’s parents decided to move the family once more, this time to a place that would prove much more difficult for him to flourish in. Yardley, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, is a predominantly White community. It was a hard transition for Brandon, due to many racial conflicts between himself and other students who did not understand his background. Throughout it all, Brandon continued. To this day, he is still pushing the boundaries of his musical career. Now at the age of 18, Brandon is a full grown Artist/Producer and has performed at various venues, including opening up a show for Salsa recording artist Frankie Negron at New York University. In pursuit of his dream, Brandon has now moved back to Brooklyn, NY and is currently enrolled as a freshman at The City College of New York (CUNY) majoring in Music/Audio Technology (Sonic Arts Center). He spends lots of his free time creating instrumentals to use and record on. He has even started his own independent record label entitled Inmortal Records, in which all of his musical creations are filed under. His newest CD, "Royal Rumble: The Mixtape", has been entirely written, produced, and mixed by himself in his newly-built home studio. Brandon can also be found traveling back to Puerto Rico every summer, connecting back with his roots and to his people. It was during his first trip to Puerto Rico in which Brandon met the pioneer of Reggaeton, Vico C, which is still a highlight of his career thus far.
"Reggaeton is more than just music for me. It's what I use to express the challenges I face everyday. I get my inspiration from the streets of New York and Puerto Rico, parties I've been to in the neighborhood, anything that I feel I could describe through music. Por fin, yo le quiero dar muchas gracias a toda mi gente Latina que le gusta mi música. Porque sin ustedes, yo no tengo las influencias que son necesarias para cantar. 'Royal Rumble: The Mixtape' Available now!!" ~ Casto

My biggest influence is the entire Reggaeton movement itself.
Brooklyn, New York
22 years old

Urban >> Reggaeton

Inmortal Records (Unsigned/Independent)
5  years

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