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Hola Mi Gente!!

Bienvenidos to LatinoGigs™, an online community for Latino artists to shine, thrive and connect with fans and promoters.

Latino music is a staple of the Latino culture and heritage. A love for Latino music has been an integral part of our family and has been handed down from generation to generation. So when my aspiring nephew asked "Where do Latino artist go to be seen, heard and discovered?" LatinoGigs™ was born!!

LatinoGigs™ is an endeavor of RaMon Entertainment™, a family owned company of Latino descent whose mission is to promote Latino artist and Latino events. We provide Latino artist with a venue to promote their talent and gain visibility.

LatinoGigs™ also offers the Latino entertainment community a place to connect, share and stay in touch. See and share upcoming events that are going on in your hometown or come and express your thoughts and opinions about Latino issues.

Join our family and let us help you become the next Latino star to shine!!

Theresa Ramos
Chief Executive Officer
RaMon Entertainment™, LLC